10 Things Only Best Buy’s Geek Squad Knows

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Clogged dryer, dead phone battery, and snail-speed internet slowing down your life? Best Buy’s Geek Squad can figure out a solution. Keep reading for their expert tips on how to manage these everyday struggles, and more.

1 Speed Up Your Home Internet

Not all broadband connections are created equally, especially if you have a house full of gamers or streaming movie fans. Check the speed of your existing connection by visiting the Geek Squad Internet speed test page, which measures your connection in Mbps (Megabits per second). At least 3 Mbps or higher is best for streaming video and 5-10 Mbps is best for HD quality video. Compare what you’re getting to what your Internet package provides and contact your Internet Service Provider to upgrade if necessary.

If your router is more than three years old, it may not be able to handle the number of connected devices you’ve added or all the new streaming content you’re using, so it’s best to invest in a newer router with more powerful processors that sort data quickly and efficiently.

2 Keep Credit Card Information In Your Wallet

Make sure you only shop from reputable retailers and double check the web address before sending your information. While it’s tempting, never store your credit card or other personal information on websites, which could be vulnerable to hackers and scam artists. If you can’t live without the time savings that storing your card information provides, use cards with a low credit limit.

3 Avoid a Sluggish Dishwasher

Every month, clean your dishwasher by emptying it out and starting it at the highest temperature setting. Once the basin starts to fill, drop in one cup of white vinegar to break up soap residue, clean out the pumps and dissolve food particles.

4 Keep Your Software Updated

Computers and other connected devices all use software to control their network hardware. Computer operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X will check for software updates automatically, but if you do run into issues with your network, make sure to check for updated network drivers from the computer’s maker. Tablets and other connected devices may have updated firmware that improves network performance and security, so it’s important to also check for the latest updates.

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