Unplugged Performance Modifies The Tesla Model S

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The electric car has took the market by surprise, as we become more tech savvy and forward thinking with the way we live our lives we’ve also become more efficient. Thanks to Tesla motors electric powered vehicles have become all the rage in this ever so progressing society we live in. Thus, with all the advances in technology we’ve undergone we take a look at a special specimen from the future. The unplugged performance Tesla model s is one that is distinctly different than the standard Tesla’s you see on the market today.

Unplugged Performance’s version of the Tesla Model S shows how the car can be tuned to look like the maddest-looking Electric vehicle on the market today. The Unplugged Tesla Model S has a sporty comprehensive carbon fiber body kit which not only looks nice but is said to keep the car cooler and stable during high speeds thanks to all the down force provided by the kit.

This Tesla is not your ordinary tesla, with a revamped front fascia, side skirts, front spoiler with a diffuser, rear under spoiler with diffuser, and a trunk spoiler will make your tesla the envy of every Tesla enthusiast’s eye.

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