This Awesome Electric Hypercar Tesla Model R Render Probably Won’t Happen

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When it comes to Tesla’s electric vehicles, you don’t necessarily think of the best looking bits of kits on the market. However, this awesome render of an electric Tesla Model R looks to completely shake up what you previously thought about Tesla’s cars. However, don’t get too excited, as it’ll likely never materialize into an actual car. After all, Tesla isn’t well known for listening to what its fans want with renders like this.

Electric Hypercar Tesla Model R Render

According to Auto Evolution, this particular render was designed to help Tesla’s vehicles appeal to the broader public. With that in mind, the render does compromise some of the exclusivity around Tesla’s vehicles, but we’re not complaining if this is the result.

Elon Musk is the name behind this render and he has big plans for the future of Tesla. He’s looking to change Tesla’s image so that their electric cars are able to compete with sporting models from the likes of BMW and Audi. However, the car does already have something of an edge of its competitors already with its electric power. However, Musk is determined to bring the rest of the car up to scratch in order to appeal to a wider audience.

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