10 of the Best Sedans 2019 is Bringing Our Way

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If we don’t take the full-size pickup truck into account, the mid-size sedan has traditionally been the most sought-after type of vehicle in the U.S. Crossovers have been threatening sedans and their position of power for quite some time now though, and they’ve finally managed to dethrone them. The best-sold sedan for 2017 finds itself in as low as sixth spot overall behind the trio of large pickups, the Toyota RAV4, and Nissan Rogue. The duo of Japanese compact crossovers has recorded north of 400,000 sales each, whereas Camry sales amount to 387,000 units. Despite losing on popularity, sedans are still irreplaceable for many Americans. 8 out of the top 20 best-sold vehicles in the U.S. are still sedans, both large and small. We can likely expect sedan sales figures to deteriorate even further, but that doesn’t mean we’ll skip mentioning the best sedans 2019 is bringing our way.

After all, we’re only continuing where we’ve left off with the list of best sedans for 2018. As before, we’ll skip on exotic and ultra-luxury brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin. We won’t, however, skip on other luxury brands from Germany, Japan, and the U.S. This means the list will be populated by both affordable family options and more expensive luxury sedans that can’t exactly pass as value for money choices. We also decided against discriminating possible entrants by size, though you’ll find out that larger sedans have generally fared better than smaller ones.

Honda Civic

Introduced for the 2016 model year and having been carried over without major changes for 2018, the tenth generation Honda Civic is due to be refreshed in 2019. The mid-cycle makeover should see the compact become softer around the edges, though more important changes will likely be in safety equipment. Expect a standard rearview camera and possibly even blind spot monitors and rear cross-traffic alerts. With that, Honda might also offer a completely revised infotainment system.

Don’t expect too many changes in other areas, though. The Honda Civic sedan should continue to offer a quirky 174-horsepower 1.5L turbo four engine, while the base 2.0L 4-cylinder worthy of 158 ponies might get retired. The CVT and 6-speed manual will likely remain the Civic sedan’s transmission choices beyond the year 2018. With that in mind, fuel economy ratings should also remain intact. The Civic returns up to 36 mpg combined and up to 42 mpg in the open when fitted with the turbo engine and CVT gearbox. It also throws in more than competent handling and a rather comfortable ride for its class.

Honda Civic sedan three quarter view

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