FCA recalls millions of transmissions for problems that keep popping up

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What is it with Fiat Chrysler Autos (FCA) and its transmissions? Since 2015, FCA has recalled nearly 4 million vehicles – trucks, cars, SUVs – for transmission problems.  In the last couple of weeks, in fact, FCA has recalled more than 2.3 million cars for tranny issues alone. Since 2016, the number of transmission calls back has been in the millions.

There’s no way around the FCA  mess, sometimes

Now, if it were one or two trucks, cars or crossovers, or even 100 or 200, FCA might have solved the problem with what is known as a Service Bulletin Program.  Each bulletin warns dealership service personnel that there are problems with some cars that have to be fixed when drivers bring their vehicles in for service. In other cases, there are “secret warranties” – yes, they exist – where repairs are made but, only if an owner asks.

Fiat Chrysler Autos has recalled 1.8 million RAM trucks for roll away issues.

However, when you have problems involving millions of vehicles, there’s no way around the P.R. mess and black eye the manufacturer receives from the callback. The last couple of weeks has been especially tough on FCA.

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