Revealed – Spyker C8 Aileron LM85 – A Special Edition Dutch Car To Seal An Era

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Spyker has been in the news since 1999 when the modern incarnation of the company actually started building new cars. Unfortunately for them, we’ve read more about their financial troubles than about their cars. Yet, every now and then they release something exceptional – both in an artistic and a technological sense. The C8 Aileron was one of those exceptional moments. The car appeared six years ago and now, the small Dutch company is looking to close its production with three special editions dubbed the C8 Aileron LM85.

spyker c8 aileron lm85 black and gold

The Dutch have not said a word about prices or availability, but I am keen to think that these three are already sold. After all, if McLaren found 500 people to buy the Senna on such short notice, Spyker could definitely find three to buy the last C8s for sure.

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