The BMW M4 GTS Is A 493 HP Water-Injected Beast

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Well, this didn’t take long. Alfa Romeo revealed that their insane Giulia Q can lap the ‘Ring in 7 minutes and 39 seconds (faster than any similar car) only a few weeks ago and now we are greeting the car royalty – the BMW M4 GTS which can do it 11 seconds faster (we said the concept has the potential to be best ever). Seriously!? 11 seconds? You can tie a tie knot (if you are really skilled at it), tie your shoes, or open a bottle of wine in 11 seconds. Awesome! BMW just saved us 11 seconds of our time in the world by creating the fastest, probably the most amazing and definitely the most nuts car they’ve ever put to the production.


After extensive Nurburgring testing and thousands of miles of driving, the BMW M4 GTS finally hit the Internet with the looks of a hardcore Beemer racer who isn’t afraid to take on the mightiest and on the fastest cars of today. You probably still don’t get how crazy fast this car is.

At 7 minutes and 28 seconds run over the Green Hell, the BMW M4 GTS is in the ballpark with the 600hp+ powerful McLaren MP4-12C, with the 600hp+ Porsche Carrera GT and it is faster than the *ucking Mercedes SLS AMG.


Of course, making it this faster than the regular M4 (24 seconds faster over the ‘Ring) wasn’t an easy task. To do it, BMW had to resort to a serious diet which did not slash weight as much as we’d expect, but it did justify the installation of new impressive equipment we’ll get to shortly.

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