The BMW M4 GTS Is A 493 HP Water-Injected Beast

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Now, what do you think how much of this car is actually carbon fiber!? It seems that BMW M have never made such a carbon-fiber enriched car. The aluminum bonnet was replaced, the trunk lid is new also, the added adjustable front splitter, adjustable rear wing and rear diffuser are all carbon-fiber.


Coupling this with the classic M4 carbon fiber elements like the roof, parts of the architecture, the prop shaft and the carbon fiber brakes (standard for the M4 GTS), we can see that the M4 GTS is possibly the most carbon-fiber car BMW has ever made. Also, the inside got the same treatment with the carbon fiber seats (not available in the US due to some you-cannot-have-carbon-fiber-seats regulation), GFRP shelf and rear panel and CFRP inserts.

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