Top 10 Best and Most Powerful Luxury Classic Muscle Cars

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Just recently, we’ve brought you a list of 10 best and most powerful entry-level classic muscle cars and this time we’re doing things the other way around. While muscle car’s primordial set of duties included it being the fastest at a straight line and as simple as possible, it was inevitable that one day things will get out of hand. In terms of their simple and bare-boned nature, that is. Most manufacturers figured out there’s the upscale market for muscle cars and they made their move. Personal luxury carriers would become luxury muscle cars overnight, and some muscle cars would become premium in terms of their refinement at the same time. While former only received powerful, high displacement V8 engines, latter got showered with all kinds of plushy options and tech features available at extra cost. Here are the 10 powerful and fully stacked classic muscle cars.

1971 Plymouth GTX Hemi

The “gentleman’s muscle car” as they called it is as good example of powerful luxury muscle as any. What’s most striking about it is GTX’s dual nature. It was both powerful and refined when ordered bare-boned, as well as when ordered fully decked. The reasons for that were powerful engine choices and numerous features included as standard (including the heavy duty suspension).

Although early seventies saw the introduction of the new regulations and GTX’s 440ci V8 (both 4-barrel and Six Pack) lost some of their edge, the Elephant Hemi was still going strong. It was still rated at 425 horsepower, but then again, the engine actually delivered much more than that. The 1971 Plymouth GTX was also moderately redesigned and looked better thanks to the new fenders, bumpers and hood cutouts. It wasn’t all about the looks, though. Wider rear track affected the GTX’s handling as well. Although it wasn’t as refined as cumbersome personal luxury carriers from Cadillac, Buick and Olds, Plymouth GTX was still one luxurious classic muscle worthy of an executive.

Classic Luxury Muscle Cars - Plymouth GTX Hemi

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